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Ayurvedic Home remedies

Some Ayurvedic tips for Asthmatic Patients

During a flare up of asthma, patients would benefit from taking easily digestible food in lesser than usual quantity. Lukewarm water should be used for drinking and washing purposes.

Shri Dhanvantari

Asthmatics dread taking buttermilk. But this can be overcome by adding a pinch of turmeric to buttermilk and heating it for a few minutes. This will help them reap the benefits of buttermilk as well as avoid the risk of catching a cold or formation of phlegm in chest.

People suffering from asthma can benefit from drinking boiled cow’s milk to which a pinch of turmeric, a few peppercorns, and small pieces of sliced ginger are added. Also taking soy bean soaked yoghurt is found to help improve the condition.

One simple way to improve immunity in people with asthma is to take vegetable soup as detailed. A big unskinned potato, a small onion, one big unskinned carrot, three garlic cloves are cleaned thoroughly and allowed to boil in a litre of water. Once reduced to half, add salt and allow it to reach a lukewarm temperature. This is taken 3-4 weeks. This is found to improve immunity.

Yogasanas help a lot in improving asthmatic conditions. Yoga mudra, paschimothasana, pranayama etc are all excellent postures and yogic exercises that can help people with asthma.

Eucalyptus steam inhalation is very beneficial in relieving nasal and sinus congestion. Asthmatic patients can try this process to loosen phlegm in chest as well as relieve congestion. Steam inhalation with crushed garlic cloves also provides the same effect.

Small onions are boiled in water for a few minutes, then they are filtered out and crushed. The juice obtained from this boiled crushed small onions is then applied on the soles of the feet before going to bed. This process can be followed for a week or two for reduction in asthmatic symptoms.

People who suffer from cough and asthma can benefit from Ayurvedic preparations like Vyagradhi kashayam, dasamoolakaduthrayam kashayam. For this Vyagradhi kashayam 7.5 ml and dasamoolakaduthrayam kashayam 7.5 ml are added to 60 ml water (cooled boiled water) along with a quarter teaspoon honey and taken on empty stomach in the mornings and evenings. This should be taken for 48 days in a regular fashion. A strict adherence to this regimen results in reduction of eosinophil levels in blood. This also helps in relieving headache, cough, heavy headedness, tasteless tongue, irritation around eyes and ears etc.

People suffering from dry cough and asthma can benefit from the medicinal properties of badam (almonds). Seven to eight almonds are soaked in water. The outer skin is removed. A pinch of saffron (kungumapoo) or turmeric, seeds of 5-8 cardamom pods, two Java peppercorns, a pinch of camphor, sugar candy etc are added to milk and allowed to boil. This milk is taken for five days morning and evening on empty stomach, one hour before food.

For people with dry asthmatic conditions, vidharyadhi kashayam three spoonful, twelve spoonful of warm water, and two vayu guliga tablets are mixed together and taken on empty stomach in the mornings and evenings.

All asthmatic patients can benefit from taking agasthya rasayanam 5 gm before going to bed. These preparations are available at all leading Ayurveda stores, both online and offline.

Source: Aayul Kaakkum Ayurvedham – Part 2, Prof. S. Swaminathan.

Ayurvedic Home Remedies: Medicinal Uses of 'Touch Me Not' Plant - Part 2
Ayurveda regards the ‘touch me not’ plant to have tiktha kashaya properties. It has a light and ferocious guna and has seeta veerya (cooling). All seeta veerya herbs can be used to treat diseases involving excessive blood flow. It is very much used in treating wounds, boils. For example bleeding piles or haemorrhoids can be treated using this herb. The bloody condition can be pacified with juice of thottaavadi leaves along with juice of thumba leaves. This is applied externally on the haemorrhoids. Similarly, excessive menstrual flow can be treated with honey and juice of thottavadi leaves and taken internally. It is also well known and effective in treating painful menstruation.

Skin disorders can be treated with this herb. One of the difficult skin conditions to treat, psoriasis can be treated successfully with thottavaadi. Lajjalu keram is the way of treatment (oushadha yogam) for treating most of the skin disorders. Lajjalu keram is made with the surasam (paste of the whole plant) and the kalkam (bolus) of the leaves boiled in coconut oil. This is used in treating many skin disorders. Similarly dandruff can be effectively treated with this herb. For this eswara mooligai (Indian birthwort) is used along with thottavaadi.

Thottaavadi kashayam made after removing the flowers helps in relieving various difficulties of the hemorroids. Karappan (eczema) found in children can be treated by collecting the juice of this herb and heating it in coconut oil. This preparation is applied on affected areas.

Bedridden patients generally take very less water and this can lead to infection of the urinary tract. One prophylactic approach to prevent this kind of infection is to use the kashayam prepared of this herb. This kashayam is given to bedridden patients everyday. This will help to ward off urinary tract infection to a large extent. Taking care of this will help in preventing fevers and other complications.

In case of back pain due to excessive physical strain or work, especially of the upper back, thottavaadi comes in handy in treating such conditions. 15 ml of thottavaadi leaves can be taken daily for a few days. This will help in relieving back pain.

Diabetic patients will benefit immensely from consumption of thottaavadi leaf juice every morning. The combination of thottavaadi leaves, curry leaves, guava leaves and wheat conjee is very effective in bringing down excessive cholesterol.

This herb is also used to treat premature ejaculation. The natural remedy for premature ejaculation is prepared by taking mature thottavaadi root and making a paste of it using cow’s milk. A thick layer of this paste is placed on the soles of both feet and allowed to dry. Once the paste dries off the soles can be cleaned with a piece of cloth. This regimen is continued for a few days or weeks depending on the severity of the condition. This is found to be effective in treating premature ejaculation.

Similarly white discharge in women is treated with this herb. For this a small marble sized paste of the leaves is taken every day till the condition improves. Sneezing, difficult breathing, itching of eyes, throat etc and similar allergic conditions etc can be treated with tender thottaavadi leaves. A few of these leaves are plucked before sunrise and taken raw. Following this regimen for a few days will help in treating such conditions.

Benefits of Oil Massage and Oil Treatment
It has been age old practice in South India to apply oil to the whole body with a gentle massage followed by warm water bath. For women, this is to be observed on Fridays and for men Saturdays.

A recent study by Dr K. N. Agarwal of Delhi has shown the health benefits of oil massage on 6 week old infants. The study concluded that sesame oil as the most beneficial of all other oils. Oil massage also helps in increased secretion of thyroid and insulin.

South India is a hot region with very high temperatures during the summer. Rapid deforestation, depletion of underground water, environmental pollution etc add to the woe. The Siddha saints regard human body as a microcosm that reflects the larger Universe. When the earth gets polluted due to the reasons mentioned above, a corresponding disharmony sets in, in the human body too. This is there for all of us to see. The nature strikes back with vengeance; natural calamities and epidemics like H1N1 are on the rise. The three doshas, vata, pitta and kapha get vitiated. Oil massage and bath once a week will help pacify the vitiated doshas to a large extent.

This way of bathing benefits human body and mind immensely. The skin is able to maintain its sheen and luster. The muscles get strengthened. There is improved blood circulation. Oil massage relaxes the body and energizes it. There is a sense of complete relaxation. When the muscles and joints are massaged, the body fluids stagnant at these points move on and toxins if any get eliminated. A relaxing oil massage and bath once a week will keep you energized and alert throughout the week.

Sesame oil, coconut oil and castor oil can be used for this purpose. Take sesame oil and coconut oil in equal quantities. Castor oil of one third volume is added to this mixture. Drop a few pepper corns, betel leaves, a pinch of camphor to this mixture and heat it to a bearable level.

Apply this warm oil all over the body. This should be done ideally in the mornings. Allow this oil to soak into your body for 20 to 30 minutes. Use warm water for bathing. You can add a few drops of eucalyptus oil, or eucalyptus leaves to the warm water meant for bathing.

You can also use massage oils available in the market. These oils are made by adding basil leaves, clove, jasmine, sandalwood etc. They give out a very nice, relaxing aroma.

Abhyanga snan is observed on Deepavali day. It is a full body massage with oil followed by a ritual bathing.

You can wash away this oil using soap nut powder or handmade soaps.Handmade soaps do not contain chemicals that could harm the skin in the long run. They retain skin moisture.

A Siddha Home Remedy for Phlegm in Chest
For people with phlegm in chest the following remedy can work wonders. Useful for both the old and young alike.

100 gm of omam (thyme) is crushed and added to 500 ml of water. This water is then boiled and reduced to 200 ml. Filter the water and add it to 500 ml of coconut oil. Allow this mix to boil for some time (5 minutes approximately). Add 50 gm of camphor powder onto this oil. Now allow the oil to cool and filter and store in a bottle. Apply this oil gently onto the chest and back of the affected person. This helps to bring out the chest phlegm.

Also the following preparation can be taken internally. This will complement the above treatment.

Arisi thippili (piper longum), adhimadhuram (licorice), and akkara karam(Anacyclus pyrethrum DC) each 10 gm are taken and pounded together and the powder is then sieved using a muslin. Take a pinch of this powder and mix with honey. Take this paste this morning, afternoon and before going to bed.

Ayurvedic Home Remedies: Ayurvedic Remedies for Children with ADHD
Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder is found in 5 to 10% of children. Hyperactivity alone does not decide ADHD, since it is normal to find children overly active and boisterous up to about four or five years of age. ADHD symptoms are found to typically occur before the age of seven. It is very difficult to differentiate between a normal kid behavior and ADD/ADHD.

Symptoms of ADD/ADHD
Hyperactivity is one of the guiding symptoms but there are children with ADHD who are not excessively active, but inattentive, unmotivated and appear spacey. Most of the children with ADHD enjoy doing activities they love but find it difficult to focus on tasks that are boring or repetitive. They are not be able to stay quiet and sit still on one place. They exhibit a sense of urgency and restlessness that is not normal to children of their age. The intensity of the condition cannot be gauged by the activities of the child.

Children are found to be restless and they have a tough time completing their homework or other exercises. They are found to shake their legs constantly. They frequently commit mistakes due to their inattentiveness. They may not complete a task at hand, and will move to other tasks only to discard them later for another one.

Though all children exhibit these symptoms though infrequently, in case of children with ADHD these are observed as a constant occurrence at school, home and at play. This condition is found to be mostly hereditary in nature.

One positive thing to note is that this condition does not affect their studies and most of them are found to perform well in exams like any normal child. Boys are found to be affected more by this condition than girls. If left unattended, this condition can affect the child’s interaction with itself and with others. This can give rise to difficulty in communication, tiredness, depression etc.

Ayurvedic Remedies for ADHD/ADD
Children with ADHD are generally found to be restless. They will not stay in one place and will move about constantly. They usually misplace toys and other items. They behave impulsively and often intrude on other people’s speech, games etc. These symptoms resemble the nature of ‘vata’ or ‘vayu’. ‘Vaayu’ by its nature is restless and is one of constant movement. This is related to ‘Praana’.

According to Ayurveda specialist Dr S Mahadevan, abhyanga with shastika tailam made from navara rice and pacharavindha ghee made from lotus are effective in treating this condition. In his book ‘Deva Marundhu’ Dr S Mahadevan suggests some ayurvedic treatment options for ADHD. He finds application of a paste of panchagandha choornam on head and enema with dhanwanthara tailam to be effective. Regular application is found to bring the restlessness under control.

He suggests that these children should be taught to sit still in a place for one or two minutes initially and then the duration should be increased. They can be taught to repeat some mantras or songs during this period. These are some of the alternative treatment options available for children with ADHD symptoms.

Ayurvedic Home Remedies: Home Remedies for Women - 5
Paste made of banyan tree seeds mixed in milk and taken in the mornings and evenings can help lactation.

A few drops of milk and ripe cucumber seeds are used to make a fine paste. This paste then applied on breasts. This is found to increase lactation in women.

Mother’s milk is the best food for the newborn child. It is a medicine for diarrhea, skin allergies, and has excellent nutritional value. Research has shown that women can put off pregnancy as long as they keep breastfeeding the child. So this is a natural birth control method. Also chances of breast cancer decrease in mothers who breastfeed their newborns.

Milk gets engorged in breasts when there is a considerable time lapse between feeding. For instance, women working in offices cannot breastfeed their child frequently. Alternatively if the child avoids breast milk for unknown reasons, the breast gets engorged with milk. This will turn into a very painful condition when left unattended.

Maasikkai (Aleppo oak seeds) paste is applied on breasts and nipples to alleviate pain. Similarly tamarind leaves made to a paste and mixed with sesame oil can be applied on breasts. Dry kuppaimeni leaves can be taken with milk and sugar. This tends to relieve the pain.

Cracked Nipples
The delicate breast skin and nipple breaks easily with improper feeding technique.When left unattended, this can lead to breast sores and infection. Maasikkai (Aleppo Oak seed) comes in handy to take care of this painful condition. A paste of this seed applied on the nipples can help in quick healing of sores.

To dry up breast milk
Children need breast milk for at least six months, but it is advisable to prolong this period and breastfeed as long as it is possible. Beyond six months, the quantity of milk may not be enough for the child. So the child’s diet should be complemented with other foods.

Breasts are covered with Pichi flowers or jasmine flowers for drying up of breast milk. The flowers can be placed inside the brassier till they wilt. Similarly cabbage leaves have also been found to serve the purpose. Women apply neem oil, aloe vera juice on breasts to induce aversion in children who refuse to give up breast milk.

Female Infertility
Female infertility can be due to genetic reasons, improper or incomplete development or malfunctioning of internal sex organs. Sexually transmitted diseases, smoking are some extrinsic causes that lead to infertility. Obesity also leads to this condition.

Females in general are fertile in their early 20s up to late 30s. There is a gradual decrease in fertility and by age 40, most women become infertile.

Triphala choornam is found to be effective in treating some forms of female infertility. The powder is mixed in water and taken in the mornings and evenings.Pirandai juice is also helpful in dealing with female infertility.

Medicinal Benefits of Curry Leaves
Indian cuisine makes use of mint, coriander leaves, curry leaves etc to add flavour and aroma to the spicy recipes. Though not a part of the greens, curry leaves has all the nutritive value found in greens and more.

Also known as sweet neem leaves, curry leaves has vitamin A, vitamin B, vitamin B2, vitamin C, calcium and iron in plenty. This is an ideal herb for people suffering from the ill effects of diabetes. Diabetes patients often suffer from frequent vertigo. There may be aches and pains in the upper and lower limbs coupled with impaired vision. These patients should take curry leaves at frequent intervals to overcome these problems. Kashayam made of curry leaves dried in shade and powdered is a very potent remedy that helps stabilize glucose levels in a diabetic patient.

An excellent remedy made using curry leaves is found to be very effective in treating diarrhea. For this purpose 40 gm of curry leaves and 10 gm of cumin seeds are ground to a fine paste and taken orally. This should be followed by drinking a glass of warm water. A teaspoon of honey is taken after 10 minutes.

This regimen is continued three to four times a day.

Cholesterol levels in edible oils can be reduced to a large extent by making use of a handful of curry leaves. One kilogram of the oil is boiled with 15-20 curry leaves and then filtered. This is said to bring down cholesterol level in oils. This oil can then be used in preparing food stuff. Increase in cholesterol can lead to obesity, increase in blood pressure, lethargy and other ill effects.

The young generation of this decade consume a lot of junk food which have no nutritive value. Due to chemicals and other spurious additives found in foodstuff, no wonder a sizeable portion of youngsters both male and female suffer from premature graying of hair. Curry leaves come as a boon in such situations. Youngsters should not throw away curry leaves found in various Indian food recipes. Eating these curry leaves and making it a practice will help to ward off gray hair. Children should be taught to eat curry leaves at a tender age.

I would like to share a popular remedy, a hair oil for premature graying. Heat a litre of coconut or sesame oil and drop 10 to 20 curry leaves into the oil.

Remove from heat when it reaches boiling point. This oil is then stored in bottles and used as hair oil before bathing. Apply this oil liberally on the scalp and allow it to soak for about 15-20 minutes. Wash the hair with a mild shampoo or shikkakai powder. Follow this regimen once or twice a week.

Curry leaves can be used to treat a tasteless tongue. Excessive use of antibiotics, indigestion etc can result in loss of taste. A handful of curry leaves along with ginger, salt, garlic, tamarind and chillies, is ground to a fine paste. This is then mixed with hot rice. A few helpings of this mixture help arouse the taste buds. This is repeated two to three times a day till the condition improves.

Ayurvedic Home Remedies: Home Remedies for Children – 1
No one will deny the fact that children are the joy of the family. One of the primary functions of the family is reproducing society. The traditional assumption is that the family is an institution for continuation of creating, nourishing and perpetuating life. The family protects the child and provides a favorable environment for its physical, emotional, spiritual and social development.

Healthy food is essential for a healthy body and mind. This goes a long way in developing immunity in children. Children can be afflicted with sudden illnesses and it is essential that parents have a basic knowledge of remedies that can help in mitigating the situation. Some of the common diseases that can affect children include cough and cold, dysentery, fever, vomiting, wheezing, whooping cough etc.

Cough and Cold in Children
Children are prone to cough and cold attacks, especially if they have a weak immunity. This is accompanied with formation of phlegm in chest. Cough and cold afflict children mostly in winter because of easy spreading of the disease causing virus during this time. It is infectious and can spread to others in the family. Runny nose, sneezing, nasal itching etc are the initial symptoms. Cough and cold can lead to headaches, ear infection, heavy feeling on top of head etc.Chronic cough and cold may end up in nasal polyps, tonsillitis etc.

Two drops of juice of tender nochi (Chinese Chaste tree) leaves can be given to children along with breast milk. This induces vomiting. The child will throw up the phlegm in the nasal passage and chest.

Karpooravalli (Indian Borage, Oregano) is an excellent expectorant and diaphoretic. Three to four drops of the juice of the leaves of this herb is mixed in honey and given to kids suffering from cough and cold. This will help expel the phlegm out. You can follow the same process with basil leaves.

A few drops of juice of basil leaves can be given with breast milk too. Vellai kunrimani root is cleaned and then boiled in coconut oil. Store the cooled oil in a bottle. Smear the oil on the tongue of kids suffering from cold and phlegm. This is an excellent expectorant.

A paste made from dried ginger powder is smeared in a thin layer on the forehead and temples. This is very effective in relieving the heavy headed feeling and pain in the nape.

Dry cough can spoil the sleep pattern and food intake in children. This can lead to lethargy and dullness. One helpful remedy to deal with all types of cough, especially dry cough is a preparation made from turmeric and pepper. These are taken in equal quantities as required and ground to a fine powder. This is mixed with honey and given to children with dry cough.

Extract juice from two to three white onions. Add jaggery to this and heat it in a pan. When it reaches a waxy consistency, remove from heat and let it cool. This preparation is given twice a day for a couple of days to alleviate cough and cold.

Ayurvedic Home Remedies: Medicinal Uses of Castor Oil
Couple of decades back castor oil was extensively used for treating ailments afflicting people of all ages from newborns to old folks. A drop or two of castor oil was applied on the fontanel of the newborn. Castor oil was applied over the eyes before bathing the newborn. The child was fed milk mixed with castor oil once in two or three days. Up to the age of 12, children were given castor oil once in a month with coffee as part of stomach cleansing. In case of boils that occur during the summer season, castor oil is mixed in hot rice and made into a poultice and applied on the affected areas.

In case of anxiety coupled with palpitation and burning sensation on top of head due to excessive thinking etc, a teaspoon of castor oil can be allowed to soak on the top of head. This is said to relieve mental tension, anxiety and burning sensation on the crown of the head.

When small children suffer from unexpected stomach pain due to indigestion or body heat, instill two to three drops of castor oil into the belly button and gently massage the area in a circular motion two or three times. This brings the pain under control very quickly.

One forgotten use of castor oil is its application on sprained areas followed by hot water fomentation. This quickly heals sprains.

Castor oil and turmeric powder is mixed thoroughly to form a paste which is applied on cracked heels or foot fissures. This is done before going to bed.

In case of choked throat one simple remedy is to prepare a paste of castor oil and slaked lime and apply a thin layer externally on the throat area before going to bed. This quickly clears choked throat.

In case of gas in stomach a take a glass of milk after adding a teaspoon of castor oil to it. Another alternative is to chew and gulp down a spoonful of cumin seeds followed by intake of a mixture of 20 drops of lemon juice, 20 drops of ginger juice and 8 drops of honey. This is another time tested remedy for gas.

Ayurvedic Home Remedies: Medicinal Uses of Oils
Oil massage once a week helps in relieving body pain, joint pains etc. Just a couple of decades back people in Tamil Nadu used to religiously follow this regimen to keep themselves free of joint pains and body pains. Now with the hectic lifestyle people are not able to set aside the time needed for a relaxing weekly oil massage. It has reached a stage where application of oil to the body or hair is viewed as a hassle and conveniently bypassed.

Oil prepared with herbs like nocchi, basil, cumin seeds, vadha narayana keerai, kuppaimeni etc is very effective in relieving body pain. Regular massage with this medicated oil strengthens the muscles and removes stagnant toxins. Kuppaimeni is a well known herb for its action on skin conditions like eczema, blackheads etc. For relief form body pain and joint pain, massage this oil on the affected area and then follow it with warm water fomentation.

Medicinal Benefits of Castor Oil
Castor oil is used for lighting up temple lamps in Tamil Nadu. It is also used as a medicine. Castor oil is given to pregnant women and children for easy elimination and to avoid constipation. There is a saying in Tamil which stresses the importance of oil. 'Vaithiyanukku koduppathai vaaniyanukku kodu'. If you spend money on oils, you can save money treating diseases and ailments. This stresses the role of oil in preventing various ailments.

Ayurvedic texts stress the importance of ‘Virechana’ a bowel cleansing process once in six months. Castor oil is used a purgative for this purpose. Castor oil is also used in treating stomach pain, abdomen pain, body heat etc. Castor oil is applied liberally in the naval area around the belly button for this purpose. This is said to bring down the body heat as well as relieve stomach pain etc.

In case of inflammation of the eye due to body heat, redness etc, castor oil is mixed with mother's milk and instilled into the eyes. This rapidly cures the redness of eyes. Castor oil is also used in treating dysentery due to 'body heat'. 'Sweet flag' is burnt in castor oil lamp and the ash obtained in mixed in honey and given to the person suffering from dysentery.

Constipation is considered to be the root cause of most of the diseases that afflict modern man. Fast food is one of the prime cause for constipation.

Constipation leads to formation of hemorrhoids or piles.

Castor oil is used extensively in treating constipation. It expels accumulation of gas in stomach. It drives out intestinal worms and pacifies vata. It relieves mental tension and cools the body and mind.

A Simple Ayurvedic Home Remedy for Bloated Stomach
Ayurveda emphasizes the importance of diet and lifestyle to lead a disease free life. By diet it means intake of fresh as well as cooked vegetables and fruits and avoidance of non-vegetarian food. By lifestyle it means observance of certain basics like exercise, yoga etc.

Even intake of vegetarian food is to be in moderation, Ayurveda insists. If not, it leads to indigestion, bloated stomach, improper assimilation of food etc.

One simple ayurvedic home remedy for simple bloated stomach, indigestion etc is given below.

Take 20 drops of lemon, 20 drops of grated ginger juice and 7 drops of honey. Mix them together and keep it ready. Now take a spoonful of cumin seeds and chew them thoroughly. Swallow down the chewed cumin seeds and immediately drink the lemon, ginger honey mix. This will clear the bloated stomach and indigestion due to overeating in minutes.

Traditional Remedy for Bloated Stomach
Take 100 gm of coriander seeds and 25 gm cumin seeds. Powder these seeds to a fine consistency and mix them thoroughly. Take a spoonful of this powder and add it to a glass of milk. This is an excellent remedy for a bloated stomach.

Ashta choornam is an Ayurvedic preparation for gas and bloated stomach. Half teaspoon of ashtachoornam is mixed with a bolus of hot rice and taken before the main course. A bit of ghee can be added to this. This is found to stimulate appetite. It helps in proper bowel elimination. It arrests diarrhea due to indigestion. It prevents accumulation of gas in stomach.

One way to prevent formation of gas is to take food based on one's intake capacity. One rule of thumb is to have solids half the stomach, 25% water and the remaining 25% be left empty. This should be found out through personal experience. Ayurveda discourages eating to full.

Ayurvedic Tips for Constipation
One reason for constipation is frequent intake of foods that do not have the necessary viscosity or laxity. Intake of such foods regularly for a few days leads to absence of viscosity in intestines, resulting in hardening of stools which ultimately ends up as constipation.

Suppressing the urge to defecate also leads to constipation in the long run. Similarly exerting oneself to defecte when there is no urge is also harmful.

Absence of exercise results in inaction of rib muscles and this can also lead to constipation.

The posture adopted to defecate can also result in improper defecation. Our forefathers adopted a squatting posture which helped to dilate the anus naturally and it resulted in better and fuller evacuation of the bowels. When using a western closet this does not happen as you have to sit on it like on a chair.

These are some of the reasons for constipation. From this it is quite obvious that changing your diet and adopting an active lifestyle which includes daily exercise can cure constipation to a large extent.

A Natural Remedy For Constipation
Following signs and symptoms indicate constipation:
No bowel movement at least once a day, gas formation (bloated stomach), drowsiness, pain in the abdomen, heaviness in stomach, mucus coated tongue, headache, loss of appetite, nausea, vertigo, palpitation.

The aggravation of vata causes constipation. Improper eating habits including eating food which is difficult to digest (such as meat) and not eating enough fibrous foods like vegetables and salads lead to constipation.

Irregular sleeping habits or emotional disturbances (stress, grief, fear or worry) are other causes for the obstruction of the passage of stool, accumulation of toxins in the colon or excessive stimulation of the nervous system.

Smoking, consuming too much tea and coffee, intake of prescription or illicit drugs can also cause constipation.

Take 5-6 dry grapes preferably black. Soak them in a glass of water and keep it overnight. Next day first thing in the morning after performing your brushing etc. eat the swollen grapes and also drink the grape soaked water. Do this for a week and constipation will be a thing of the past.

Easily digestible food should be taken. Also take plenty of fruits, vegetables and salads. Whole grain bread and cereals will certainly help in lightening the digestive pressure. Regular physical exercise is important for maintaining proper bowel movement. Sleeping hours should be regulated.

Ayurvedic Home Remedies: Home Remedies for Children – 1
No one will deny the fact that children are the joy of the family. One of the primary functions of the family is reproducing society. The traditional assumption is that the family is an institution for continuation of creating, nourishing and perpetuating life. The family protects the child and provides a favorable environment for its physical, emotional, spiritual and social development.

Healthy food is essential for a healthy body and mind. This goes a long way in developing immunity in children. Children can be afflicted with sudden illnesses and it is essential that parents have a basic knowledge of remedies that can help in mitigating the situation. Some of the common diseases that can affect children include cough and cold, dysentery, fever, vomiting, wheezing, whooping cough etc.

Cough and Cold in Children
Children are prone to cough and cold attacks, especially if they have a weak immunity. This is accompanied with formation of phlegm in chest. Cough and cold afflict children mostly in winter because of easy spreading of the disease causing virus during this time. It is infectious and can spread to others in the family. Runny nose, sneezing, nasal itching etc are the initial symptoms. Cough and cold can lead to headaches, ear infection, heavy feeling on top of head etc.Chronic cough and cold may end up in nasal polyps, tonsillitis etc.

Two drops of juice of tender nochi (Chinese Chaste tree) leaves can be given to children along with breast milk. This induces vomiting. The child will throw up the phlegm in the nasal passage and chest.

Karpooravalli (Indian Borage, Oregano) is an excellent expectorant and diaphoretic. Three to four drops of the juice of the leaves of this herb is mixed in honey and given to kids suffering from cough and cold. This will help expel the phlegm out. You can follow the same process with basil leaves.

A few drops of juice of basil leaves can be given with breast milk too. Vellai kunrimani root is cleaned and then boiled in coconut oil. Store the cooled oil in a bottle. Smear the oil on the tongue of kids suffering from cold and phlegm. This is an excellent expectorant.

A paste made from dried ginger powder is smeared in a thin layer on the forehead and temples. This is very effective in relieving the heavy headed feeling and pain in the nape.

Dry cough can spoil the sleep pattern and food intake in children. This can lead to lethargy and dullness. One helpful remedy to deal with all types of cough, especially dry cough is a preparation made from turmeric and pepper. These are taken in equal quantities as required and ground to a fine powder. This is mixed with honey and given to children with dry cough.

Extract juice from two to three white onions. Add jaggery to this and heat it in a pan. When it reaches a waxy consistency, remove from heat and let it cool. This preparation is given twice a day for a couple of days to alleviate cough and cold.

Home Remedies For Cough the Siddha Way
(a) Take three leaves of Adathodai(ADATHODA VASICA) cut them into small pieces, and put the pieces into a vessel. Add two teaspoon full of honey and fry the content until some pleasant smell comes. At that stage add the following - coarsely powdered Athimathuram (Jamaica liquorice) 1 piece Thippli (Piper longum) 1 pinch Thalisapathri (Flucourtia calaphracta) 1/2 gm Chitharathai (galanga the lesser) 3 piece then add 4 glasses of water and boil, reduce to 1/2 glass.

Dose: 1/2 glass two times a day.

(b) Take 2 glasses of water. Add the following drugs, Adathodai leaves (Adathoda Vasica) three numbers, Kandankathiri leaves (Solanum Xanthocarpum) five numbers. Thulasi (holy basil) leaves five numbers Thoothuvalai (Trilobatum) leaves ten numbers and 3 gm of Athimathuram (Jamaica liquorice) after roughly powdering them boil and reduce into 1/2 glass.

Dose: 1/2 glass two times a day with honey.

(c) 10 gms., of the root of Thoothuvalai (Trilobatum), grind with cow's milk and to be taken in the morning.

(d) Adathodai leaves juice 30 ml. (ADATHODA VASICA) , Finely powdered Milagu(pepper) 6 gms., Perungayam (asafoetida) 1 gm. mix all and take in the morning and evening.

(e) Chronic cough will be relieved when 2 gm of powder made out of equal quantity of Kadukkai (Chebulic myrobolan, Ink nut) and "Thippli" (Piper longum) administered in honey twice daily.




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Arvind Jangid said...

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ZEAL said...

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रविकर said...

सुन्दर प्रस्तुति ।

बधाई ।।

सदा said...

बहुत ही उपयोगी एवं अच्‍छी जानकारी देती आपकी यह प्रस्‍तुति...

भारतीय नागरिक - Indian Citizen said...

बहुत अच्छी पोस्ट है. हम लोगों को अपनी संस्कृति को सहेजना होगा.

Maheshwari kaneri said...

valuable tips ..Thanks..

प्रवीण पाण्डेय said...

Too Good, interesting.

Bharat Bhushan said...

Very informative post Dr. Divya. Thanks so much for this valuable tips.

Devendra Dutta Mishra said...

divya, thanks for such valuable tips.Only problem is we lack discipline to follow all this.

सतीश सक्सेना said...

बेहद आवश्यक पोस्ट , संकलित करने के लिए !
आभार आपका !

शारदा अरोरा said...

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mahendra verma said...

इस बहुमूल्य आलेख के लिए धन्यवाद, दिव्या।

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