Thursday, May 12, 2011

मेरे वैरागी ह्रदय द्वारा , एक स्नेह करने वाले ह्रदय का आभार

आपके स्नेह का सम्मान करने का कोई और तरीका मेरे 'वैरागी ह्रदय' को समझ नहीं आताइसलिए आपकी भावनाओं का सम्मान करते हुए इसे अपने ब्लॉग पर स्थान दे रही रही हूँआपके द्वारा व्यक्त भावनाओं से स्नेही हृदयों को प्रेरणा भी मिलेगी



Day # 523

Dearest ZEAL

पंखी -ओ ए कलशोर कार्यो भाई , धरती ने सूरज चुम्यो

उथली ली ने सांज नो समीर आज वन -ए -वन घूम्यो


पंखियो ने कलशोर किया भाई , धरती को सूरज चूमा

बहते हुए शाम का समीर आज बन -बन घुमा

The tweet and the chirp of the birds is in the air and the pre-twilight of dusk is witness to the sun kissing the earth. At such a beautiful moment the evening breeze gleefully travels through the woods causing a merry whisper of the leaves sheltering the birds nesting there for the night.

I hope it will be fine with you that I have used the Gujarati song’s opening lines. They had come instantly today morning as I read your creation and I knew I would share with you in Our Samvaad of the day.

In fact, the wish is to share the entire song [mp3] with you and I think I will do it tonight. It was indeed nice to read the post you wrote on respected father’s birthday. Touched the heart instantly and thank you for sharing the same.

It was a bit troubling to see you very sad and though I did ask you the reason thereof, however, it was not to be shared with me. I honor your decision, dearest ZEAL. Whenever you will find me worthy of sharing, you will. Till then, I bide my time.

Your compassion is very deep and sincere. It reaches out strongly – the voice of heart. I am always with you and will be so, forever. It is for you to feel so. You will never find me away.

Today, I choose to share with you a very serene song sung by Lata Mangeshkar. It is written in chaste Hindi and the lyrics are amazing. The song is incredibly soothing and at the same time, tremendously inspirational. Here it is:

Song # 337

ज्योति कलश छलके

ज्योति कलश छलके

हुए गुलाबी , लाल , सुनहरे

रंग दल बादल के

ज्योति कलश छलके

The Ewer Of Glory! That is what your hands hold। That is what you are endowed with. That is what you are in entirety. All the things around you take the beautiful hues, Sangini. You bring a sea-change in the environment with your presence!

घर आँगन वन उपवन उपवन

करती ज्योति अमृत के सिंचन

मंगल घात ढलके

ज्योति कलश छलके

Any place be it may, the home, the neighborhood, a distant land, a wilderness even. Sangini, your deeds sow the seeds of glory! You shape the things tenderly and lovingly. All who come in contact with you benefit in a way.

अम्बर कुमकुम कण बरसाए

फूल पंखुडियो पर मुस्कुराए

बिंदु तुही जल के

ज्योति कलश छलके

The Heavens shower blessings on you in form of the sprinkling of the Benedictine and the flowers seemingly bloom with a zmile at your visage. You are the crystal clear water – the Elixir Of Life, Sangini.

पात -पात बिरवा हरियाला

धरती का मच हुआ उजाला

सच सपने कल के

ज्योति कलश छलके

Your arrival at a place enlivens it and like the shoving away of a gloomy autumn, Sangini, spring follows to the place where you lay your feet upon. The earth respires, shining brilliantly to see you. The dreams do come true with your arrival. Desires of my mind to see you at our doorstep also await to experience the same magic, sweetheart.

उषा ने आँचल फैलाया

फैली सच की शीतल छाया

नीचे आँचल के

ज्योति कलश छलके

The morning rays shielded by the clouds, bring about a pleasant shade with the cover that shelters all beneath it. This is the way you take all in your refuge, comforting everyone. Sangini, all through the song, I simply behold you.

ज्योति यशोदा , धरती गैया

नील गगन गोपाल कन्हैया

श्यामल छवि झलके

ज्योति कलश छलके

This stanza takes the thought to a wonderfully esoteric level. It transcends the mundane and boldly steps onto the doorstep of Heavens! The imagery is so enticing, so profound. As if you are the Mother, the entire earth tended by you, the sky being the God Himself tending over The Chosen One. What a beautiful sight!! Can you feel what I sense, Sangini? It is beyond the capacity of words. It is an experience that will fill your heart, infuse your mind and caress your soul.

Caress is what you had mentioned in the poem, and the song that incidentally happened to be the one for today, brings me to the same thrilling feeling. Nothing could stop me from experiencing your hand in mine at this moment, Sangini!!

It is like a trance that I am in right now and I guess it is best not to say anything more. Our Samvaad of the day was thus, Sangini and thank you for making it a very lovely day. Sangini, thanks a zillion.

Semper Fidelis,

Committed for life

The Greatest Friend –

Forever – ZEAL’s



Rakesh Kumar said...

क्या कहूँ मै बस यही कि आप महान हैं,दिव्याजी.

देवेन्द्र पाण्डेय said...

Wao...its nice.

नीलांश said...

good wises from my side.....

you r really one of the bloggers who write with heart
and touch the soul....
be strong and determined
you will find your goal ....
struggles will come
big or small..
but never look back ..
you have wishes of all...

i have written a composition on my blog...
good wishes

तुम्हारा प्रेम
उस खाली
कापी के जैसा है
अपने न भरने
तक मेरे कलम के
स्याह के उन्मुक्त बौछारें
नीब के चोटों को
सहता रहता है ....

और फिर उस कलम को
बिना बोले मान दिलाता है ...

तुम्हारा प्रेम
उस शहद के जैसा है
मधुमक्खी को पहचान देती है
उसके उद्यम के कारण
उसके सदभाव के कारण
न क़ि
उसके दर्द देने वाले डंक के कारण ...

डॉ. रूपचन्द्र शास्त्री 'मयंक' said...

मंगल घट छलके......!
बहुत सुन्दर पोस्ट!
ज्योति कलश छलके....!!

वाणी गीत said...

बहुत खूब !

रविकर said...

बहुत-बहुत धन्यवाद, उत्साहवर्धन के लिए.

vandana gupta said...

बहुत सुन्दर्।

poonamsingh said...

very positive thinking.
thanks for this post.

Rajesh Kumari said...

Purport of Lata ji's very old song can say it..kalpna ki udaan.very nice post.thanx to share it.



Aruna Kapoor said...

..दिव्या!..स्नेहांम्रूत बरसाने वाले उस परमपिता को कोटी कोटी प्रणाम!

ashish said...

पढ़कर मन अभिभूत हुआ . सुँदर

सदा said...

वाह ... आप तो बस आप हैं .... बहुत ही अच्‍छा

प्रवीण पाण्डेय said...

बहुत ही सुन्दर रचनात्मकता।

Rajesh Kumari said...

Dr.Divya I am happy to see your best wishes for mom.she is still stable,no development.her age is around 80 you know better she can't be operated in this age.we r just praying for her.thank you soooo much.

aarkay said...

संदर्भ में बड़ी खूबसूरती से पिरोया गया है इस मधुर गीत को .
उत्तम प्रस्तुति। शब्द कम पड़ रहे हैं कुछ भी कहने के लिए !