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NSG हीरो 'मानेश' (मुम्बई २६/११) को सरकारी चिकित्सा खर्च देने से इनकार जबकि आतंकवादी मदान को महंगी आयुर्वेदिक-स्पा की सुविधा

आतंकवादी मदान (बैगलोर बम-ब्लास्ट का आरोपी), को आयुर्वेदिक-स्पा जैसी महंगी सुविधाएं लेकिन शौर्य चक्र से सम्मानित NSG के हीरो 'मानेश' , जिसने मुम्बई के २६/११ हमले के आतंकवादियों को मौत के घाट उतारा , छाती पर गोलियां खायीं , सर पर गहरी चोटें आने से कोमा में गया और पक्षाघात से पीड़ित होकर चलने-फिरने में असमर्थ हो गया , उसे रक्षा मंत्री एंटनी ने सरकारी खर्च देने से इनकार कर दिया ! कारण बताया की AFMS ( अर्मेद फोर्सेस मेडिकल सर्विसेस) में आयुर्वेदिक चिकित्सा पद्धति को मान्यता नहीं है ! अंग्रेजी पद्धति से उसकी हालत में कोई सुधार नहीं हुआ था , लेकिन आयुर्वेदिक इलाज से अब वह काफी स्वस्थ्य है और चल सकता है लेकिन प्रति माह होने वाले आयुर्वेदिक खर्च को सरकार देना नहीं चाहती ! नष्ट कर दो अपनी भारतीय चिकित्सा पद्धति को मर जाने दो देश के जाबांज सिपाहियों को ! शर्मनाक है अंग्रेजी गद्दार सरकार का रवैय्या !


Defence Minister AK Antony on Wednesday ruled out introduction of Indian systems of medicine in the Armed forces saying the Armed Forces Medical Services (AFMS) system is based on the allopathic system of medicine.
Replying to a question by BJP MP Chandan Mitra in the Rajya Sabha, the Minister said in a written reply that the feasibility of introduction of the Indian systems of medicine in the armed forces was repeatedly studied by various committees and they did not recommend their inclusion.
Mitra had asked whether Indian systems of medicine have not been introduced in the armed forces and the scientific reasons for not including these systems besides steps taken by the Government to reimburse expenses on Ayurvedic treatment of the army personnel who opt for this system.
Antonysaid combat medical and surgical requirements are the pivot on which the structure of the AFMS revolve.
He also said the Government has not taken steps to reimburse expenses for Indian systems. The AFMS is responsible for providing comprehensive medical care to Services personnel.
This question came in the backdrop of the Army disallowing reimbursement of Ayurvedic treatment of PV Manesh, a National Security Guard (NSG) commando who was wounded during the firefight with terrorists in the 26/11 Mumbai terror carnage. Manesh was awarded Shaurya Chakra for his act of bravery.
Manesh was in coma for six months after he was hit by a grenade and discharged from the Army hospital with left side fully paralysed. He then underwent Ayurveda treatment and recovered. He is currently incurring an expense of `5,000 on Ayurvedic treatment per month and has sought reimbursement from the Army. The Army has refused it saying Ayurveda is not approved under the defence medical system. The Karnataka Government is forced to cough up huge sums on spa treatment of Bangalore blast accused Abdul Nasser Madani, but the authorities are not ready to reimburse a paltry Rs 5,000 a month on Ayurvedic treatment of a NSG commando, who was paralysed in the Mumbai 26/11 operations, reports The Pioneer.

Shaurya Chakra awardee PV Manesh from Kannur was paralysed after he was hit by a grenade in his head during the terror attack on Oberoi Hotel in Mumbai. But before a grenade fell on his helmet, he shot dead a terrorist. A splinter is still lodged in his brain.
Shame! Spa For Madani, Crumbs For 26/11 Hero NSG Commando
[ Updated 20 Jul 2011, 15:31:34 ]

Manesh recalls that his commando team was airdropped on the roof of Hotel Oberoi in the early morning hours of November 28, 2008.

“We started from the top and raided each room. We rescued around 40 people who were trapped inside their rooms. When I reached Room No 203, I sensed the presence of terrorists. After blasting the doors when I first entered, I saw the tip of an AK47 rifle behind a curtain. In a split second, I fired and killed that terrorist. Then I saw the second man hurl grenade at me. Shooting him, I dived to catch the grenade. But it fell on my helmet,” he narrated his near-death experience.

His Shaurya Chakra citation says: “For his undaunted valour, resolute determination and dedication towards the mission beyond the call of duty, Naik PV Manesh was awarded ‘Shaurya Chakra.”

But now Manesh has been forgotten by the nation. His employers will not reimburse his treatment cost citing “blind rules” and he can’t even get a confirmed train ticket. All because, like Madani, he can’t hire top lawyers to argue his case for Ayurvedic treatment.

Manesh says his doctors have advised that Ayurveda was his last hope. “I have to travel by train every fortnight to a hospital 300 km away in Ottapalam in Palakkad district for treatment, which costs `2,000 every time,” he said.

“Some time I don’t get train reservations. I was once even asked by the ticket collector to get off the train,” he said.

Talking to The Pioneer on phone from his home village Azheekode in Kannur, Manesh narrates his sad tale.

“The right side of my body is completely paralysed. After year-long treatment at Army hospitals in Delhi and Mumbai, I returned to my hometown. All the doctors advised me to undertake Ayurvedic treatment. Ayurveda is the last resort for me and the treatment is helping,” he said.

“But unfortunately, my treatment expenses of `2,000 per visit can’t be reimbursed, simply because Army rules won’t permit such reimbursement for Ayurveda. It is not an approved treatment system in the forces. What am I to do? I have tried my level best,” laments the 35-year-old former NSG commando.

Manesh is now rehabilitated in his parent force Indian Army’s Madras Regiment as a Naik. The Army provides him full salary of a serving staff.

For the past one year, Manesh is undergoing treatment at Karuna Hospital in Ottapalam in Palakkad district, a well-known private Ayurveda hospital in the State. “They don’t take any consultation fee from me. But I have to pay `2,000 for medicines per visit. It would be fine, if the Government and forces reimburse the cost of Ayurvedic treatment. I believe in Ayurveda. I was wheel-chair bound when I reached the hospital one year ago. Now I can walk at least 100 metres at a stretch with the help of a walking stick,” says the brave soldier.

Manesh fumes when he talks about his railway journey to the hospital. “As I am a Shaurya Chakra awardee, the Army granted me free travel rail pass along with a companion. We are entitled first class travel. But the problem is we never get confirmed reservation. Doctors insist prompt attendance. Most of the time I travel on an unreserved ticket. I can’t stand for long time as my right side from head to leg is paralysed. Some people who recognise me offer their seats,” he said.

Then he went on to narrate what has left a deep wound on his psyche. “Once, I was asked to get out of the compartment, as I had no reservation. That was the day, I cursed myself. I thought for whom I have ruined my life,” says Manesh in a choking voice.

Manesh now lives at his ancestral home with his aged parents, unemployed wife Sheema, and their four-year-old son Yadukrishnan. “Now I am engaged in the construction of our new home. Recently I took a loan of Rs10 lakh from Federal Bank. I spend time with friends. It is sad to hear about the recent attack in Mumbai. It takes me to 26/11 operation days,” say Manesh.

Manesh fell down and his US made helmet was broken into three pieces. The terrorist who threw the grenade was neutralised by Manesh’s colleague. Manesh was in coma for four months. He regained the capacity to speak after six months. Three shrapnel pierced his head. Two were removed and Manesh lives with one inside his head now. “Let it be there. I am used to it,” laughs the brave soldier.

“I have no regrets in life. I am proud to get Shaurya Chakra,” he said, and then added, “I have a wish. I want to go to the Oberoi Hotel with my wife and kid once in my life. One day I will.”
0 #3 Dr.shekhar sharma 2012-09-06 15:16
It is very shameful. Ayurveda is scientific and establish system of medicine , traditional system of India. our respected minister cannot understand the pain of brave NSG commando, who recovered through Ayurveda. our ministers will spend crores of rupee in celebration but not reimbursing the treatment cost of the brave commando!!!
Jaago bharat jaago this minister will sell entire India and will finish the glorious tradition of our country

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दिवस said...

अब्दुल नासेर मदनी को उसके मुल्ला ऊपर से आतंकी होने का रिवार्ड मिल रहा है। आयुर्वेदिक स्पा
क्या ज़रूरत पड़ी तो राष्ट्रपति भवन, दस जनपथ यहाँ तक की संसद को भी अस्पताल का रूप दिया जा सकता है।
वहीँ मानेश को उसके हिन्दू ऊपर से सैनिक होने की सज़ा तो मिलनी ही थी। ऊपर से यह और पाप जो उसने आतंकियों पर हथियार उठाया। अब इन सब कर्मों की सज़ा भारत देश में तो मिलनी ही है। वहीँ 26/11 में शहीद हुए मेजर संदीप उन्नीकृष्णन के पिता को केरल के मुख्यमंत्री ने यह कह दिया कि अगर आपका बेटा शहीद न हुआ होता तो कोई कुत्ता भी आपको पूछने न आता।
देश के लिए लड़ने व मरने वाले सैनिकों का ऐसा अपमान तथा देश को व देशवासियों को मार डालने वाले आताकियों का ऐसा सम्मान यह सिर्फ भारत के कांग्रेसी सेक्युलर राज में ही हो सकता है।

अजय कुमार said...

behad sharmanaak

रविकर said...

शर्मनाक वह दिन रहा, कटे शर्म से नाक ।

सैनिक को इनकार है, आतंकी की धाक ।

आतंकी की धाक, लगा धक्का है दिल को ।

बेदिल मंत्री रोज, डिगाते हैं मंजिल को ।

देते आयुर्वेद, नहीं नानी मर जाती ।

नहीं किसी को खेद, दुर्दशा हमें रुलाती ।।

Satish Chandra Satyarthi said...

धिक्कार है...

Bharat Bhushan said...

आपकी भावनाओं में शामिल हूँ. ऐसी हालत में सरकार को चाहिए था कि राष्ट्र पर हमले के आरोपी कैदियों को मिलने वाली चिकित्सा सुविधाओं को AFMS तक विस्तारित कर देती. दुखते दिल से और क्या कहा जा सकता है. अब भी संशोधन बिल लाया जा सकता है.

डॉ. रूपचन्द्र शास्त्री 'मयंक' said...

बहुत सुन्दर प्रस्तुति!
आपकी इस उत्कृष्ट प्रविष्टी की चर्चा कल रविवार (09-09-2012) के चर्चा मंच पर भी होगी!

dr.mahendrag said...

Kasab ho ya madni woh sarkari mehman hae,hum un ke liye suvidhayen pradan nahin karenge, to badnam ho jayenge,,apne to yun hi marte rahte haen ,marte rahenge,un ke liye kab tak intjam karte rahenge,aap chahe sharm nak kahe, khud sharm shar feel karte rahen,SARKAR aisa nahin kar sakti,

महेन्‍द्र वर्मा said...

सरकार का यह रवैया निंदनीय है।