Monday, March 31, 2014

AAP पार्टी का पाकिस्तान से रिश्ता

Pakistan’s mysterious love for Indian anti-corruption crusaders

When electoral preparation is going on in full swing for upcoming general elections in bothAfghanistan and India, the cadres are busy with placards and posters; the covert game of Pakistani Political Agents is underway in both these nations. Analyzing the recent developments will uncover the naked faces of the Pakistani political games going on in India that the innocent public of India will find hurting. Pakistan, whose birth was blessed by religious hatred against India, the same Pakistan whose very existence depends on the enmity towards India is bedfellow of some self-acclaimed custodians of the clear governance of India, is it just a coincidence or uppermost layer of a deep conspiracy? The story started two years back.
Indian politician and international economist Dr. Subramanian Swamy almost toppled the political scenario of the country which was rubbed by corruption, terrorism, strategic encircling etc. Dr. Swamy exposed a major corruption of telecommunication department and unearthed the dark faces of some top bosses of the ruling party and was about to expose some more corruption cases that’s when there was the rise of hitherto unknown self-styled Corruption Crusader Anna Hazare, who has played a key role from backstage in recent Delhi polls but none knew him three years ago. Anna presented before the public a dream of a magic wand that can wipe out all the corruption, currently Indians are facing and in this treachery the Indian media offered full cooperation. Anna gained one more plus point of being from an allegedly non-political background whereas Dr. Swamy is part of a powerful political party named BJP. Thus the typical Indian mentality sidelined the really working Dr. Swamy and brought in focus the ever-protesting-never-testing Anna Hazare. What is surprising is that it didn’t surprise the Indian mass that’s why does the under-matriculation Anna Hazare is so adamant about passing the Lokpal (Ombudsman) Bill that can wipe out all the corruption and what does an unqualified man know about legal aspects of such a complex thing. It didn’t surprise them why the highly qualified IAS, IPS, IFS officers of the team remained at backstage and Anna was projected as a hero! These things didn’t surprise because media didn’t let the Indian mass think that way. Indian media fully cooperated with this movement.
What is Lokpal Bill? It is a fantastic bill which claims to remove all corruption and has a dictatorial power over all the agencies of India, all the ministers and ministries etc. There is already a bulk of agencies to checkmate the corruption but they failed because the agents themselves have been defected, if similar things can happen to the Lokpal agent, it will be totally useless and then there will be again a similar movement and it will give birth to a good recursive function. Anna was adamant on his demand and wanted exactly no editing of his (read the backstage players) version of Lokpal. The Congress didn’t want the Lokpal Bill to come at that point and BJP wanted it to come with slight variation, they wanted to keep some offices like intelligence and security and foreign ministries away from the reach of Lokpal but still Anna was indomitable and arrogant on his demand and the hypnotized public was seconding the chorus.
The very points which were denied by BJP were the main weapon of the external intelligence agencies to exploit this Lokpal and meanwhile the US officially ‘advised’ India ‘to let the Lokpal movement go on’. Why was US interested in the so-called anti-corruption crusade in India? Because the US was trying hard to capture the retail market in India and try to install Wall-Mart there and was facing heavy protests from the nationalists and once they have either Lokpal set up in power they can get their work done via a corrupt Lokpal or gain sympathy of Anna team and use their hypnotism to take the public on their side. At meantime Pakistan also invited Anna Hazare and it was a party called Shive Saina that warned Anna not to go to Pakistan and entertain the Pakistanis telling the corruption tales of India.
The exploitation of Lokpal (Anna version) means direct access to India’s intelligence and security agencies and there can be no more fortune for ISI than this. However other than this, there was one more reason Pakistan favors Team Anna, that is the ingredients of the team. The team consists of politicians with anti-national mindset that I am coming just in a while.
After a long drama of being apolitical and staging protests finally Arvind Kajriwal, the second-in-command of Anna, the modern Nehru of modern Gandhi, launched a political party named Aam Aadmi Party and wasn’t even criticized by media which was a nosy critic of an Indian religious leader and Yogic mentor Swamy Ramdaiv. Anna in order to retain his image slightly criticized Kajri for namesake. Kajri fought elections in Delhi using the fan-club he gained through the India Against Corruption (IAC) movement. Kajri totally relied on the drama-style of Rahul Gandhi and started sleeping for a couple of minutes on railway platform without any bedsheet but with spongy and comfy pillow. He made a bulk of bizarre and cunning promises of free water up to 700 liter and demanded full payment if you used a milliliter extra. Fully analyzing the lazy and begging mentality Indian public has developed hit by inflations and price-rise, the AAP charter listed a bulk of subsidies and bizarre announcements and media fully cooperated with all the lies and propaganda of the AAP. Finally Kajri’s AAP won in 28 out of 70 seats in Delhi and 32 were won by BJP which swept out in all other 3 mega-sized provinces in India at the same time sharing as much as 80% of the poll but not only Indian media but also Pakistani media praised AAP. The Pakistani daily Dawn front page reported that AAP won Delhi even as BJP was ahead of AAP. Celebrations started in different cities of Pakistan especially in the Pakistan-administered-Kashmir based areas. Forgot to say, there was a massive online donation campaign by Pakistanis to donate AAP for the Delhi elections. Kajri was earning fame in Pakistan, among Pakistani media and politicians and mass for some unknown reasons, with open eye none can even find remotely a reason for that.
BJP gave a chance to ever-protesting-never-testing AAP to test their governance capabilities in Delhi. And the result was obvious; a lie can’t be held forever. Like Kajri couldn’t hold his lie of being an IT-Commissioner forever, he couldn’t fool the public for his so called magical capabilities the public was hypnotized to believe into. The AAP members started going to office by broom (their political symbol) decorated auto rickshaws for a couple of days and then ordered luxury cars; started posting pictures of normal lifestyle for a couple of days and then started booking costly villas out of government fund etc. The public which believed in the magic broom of AAP to be capable of giving 24x7 electricity ended up in total blackout. There are far more of his double stands that were exposed in his short regime which can’t be listed in a single article. Despite all these, the supreme sign of honesty, his majesty Anna Hazare never criticized the inept governance of Kajri who himself is a bigger sample than Anna; Kajri formed the government in collaboration with the corrupt party they pretended to be protesting. When Kajri realized that unless he leaves his post ASAP, the public will recognize his true capabilities and he may lose his chance to sabotage the upcoming general elections.
Despite this lack of quality Kajri was being praised in Pakistan. In last month an entire team of Pakistani journalists hailing from different media groups interviewed Kajri. Not only the Pakistani media persons but Pakistani leadership and moreover the PM Nawaz Sharif himself said that Kajri will be helpful in resolving the Kashmir-issue with India. Now what the Indians must be surprised at is what the hell the Pakistani media, politics and agencies have to do with a so-called anti-corruption crusader, a failed CM of a small state of India, in the issue of Kashmir? Pakistan has no reason to be happy with the true anti-corruption crusader of India since s/he will benefit and empower India which is certainly not what Pakistan wants. Pakistan doesn’t want a secure, progressive, well-governed and developed India but Pakistan loves Kajri. To say the truth Pakistan will always love the persons pretending to be anti-corruption crusader in India and capturing that post and blocking the real crusaders like Dr. Swamy.
The prime reason for Pakistan’s love for Kajri and AAP is their anti-Indian stand on Kashmir. So far at least 3 Members of Legislative Assembly (MLA’s) of AAP have delivered anti-Indian and pro-Pakistani statements on Kashmir issue and this includes referendum in separatist strongholds, giving Kashmir to Pakistan, ‘freeing’ Kashmir, telling ‘tales’ of alleged Indian Army atrocities on Kashmir and certifying the terrorists killed in Kashmir as innocent boys etc. In this department the major role is played by a famous lawyer named Prashant Bhushan. Kajri has never sacked anyone of them or at least talked against them but he has lodged FIRs against the nationalist protestors protesting antinational statements of AAP leaders. Kajri lodged charges of terrorism on those nationalist ‘terrorists’ who had ‘attacked’ flower vase of AAP office. Kajri is the mastermind behind all these without speaking a word himself.
ISI wants to play the same political game to Balkanize India which CIA played against USSR. ISI wants to install mouthpieces in Delhi which will bolster the political interests of Pakistan up and this would be huge propaganda supporting Pakistani interests in Kashmir. It will embarrass India highly at international forums if some elected politicians of India talk of Pakistani interests and that is what Pakistan wants. Day by day the potential of AAP to get more support from Pakistan is increasing and AAP is fetching all sorts of people who can loosen India’s grip in its foreign policies. The new entry in AAP is Rajmohan Gandhi, the grandson of pre-partition Congress politician MK Gandhi. Rajmohan Gandhi is the man who headed a campaign in America to free the ISI agent and lobbyist Mohammed Ghulam Nabi Fai who was running Pakistani projects to destabilize Kashmir through Kashmiri American Centers. Fai was arrested by FBI under the charge of being ISI agent. Also AAP has several members who have campaigned for the Indian parliament attacker terrorist named Mohammed Afzal Guru. Moreover the AAP leader from Chandigarh is a man named Harbir Singh Nain who is the husband of a zonal editor of an Indian newspaper. Harbir was partner of a Canadian journalist in their efforts to malign an Indian social leader and Punjab (India) Police and the attempt was foiled by members of a covert cyber team that is waiting to expose that group further in their next attempt to malign India and still kept the darker facts secret until a proper time comes to make them pubic. AAP is filling its space with all the malicious elements and that’s what Pakistan wants.
Second reason why Pakistan supports AAP is their one-eyed attitude towards Mullahists. AAP believes in a customized honesty that allows them bashing a corrupt person shouldering another corrupt who is the rival of the former and a financer of AAP. That is why AAP targets selected businessmen under the indications of their rivals and when the corrupt one AAP is exposing, shoulders them, AAP certifies them as honest, like AAP deleted the corruption-charge sheet prepared against ex-CM of Delhi Sheila Dixit and removed the document from site after post-poll collaboration. AAP has always maintained one-eyed blindness towards mega-corruptions by Mullahs. Imam Bukhari who hasn’t paid multi-millions of electricity bills, doesn’t fall in the definition of corruption by AAP. AAP leader who lectures that “communalism is worse than corruption” at Mullah’s hub Islamic India Center finds it secular to connive with rioter and crime-convicted Mullah Tauqeer Reza. The hypnotism of AAP can be exploited by ISI to project the enemies of India as the biggest patriots and nothing can be a bigger nightmare for India. The anti-corruption crusade was nothing but an excuse to come in limelight and if someone looks clearly into the scene, he will find that Kajri and team has done nothing to wipe out corruption what Dr. Swamy did but Anna and team has done a great work- overshadowed Dr. Swamy.
So was Anna exploited? Is it that innocent Anna was unaware of being used by Kajri? Not at all, if Kajri is Nehru, Anna is Gandhi! Anna was fighting the war for real players in a different front. One of the premier objectives of Pakistani political agents working to sabotage Indian elections is to stop the greatest PM candidate of India, Narendra Modi. Anna is using his certification tool to certify anyone he could project against Modi.  After visible and shaming failure of Kajri, Anna had no ground for certifying Kajri as PM aspirant, Anna moved to Mamta Bannerjee in Kolkata just a couple of days after the connivance of Mamta and Bangladeshi jihadist group Jamat-e-Islami was exposed. Jamat is the group based on whose performance Osama Bin Laden dreamt of a Talibanistan in Bangladesh after Afghanistan. Jamat has anti-Indian policies as its prime objectives and Mamta was exposed as being collaborator to Jamat. The border districts of West Bengal have become the stronghold of Jamatis by uprooting the original inhabitants of the areas through continuous terrorist activities. The West Bengal border has been open to the Bangladeshi infiltrators on return of a bulk of promised votes and the Pakistani terrorists infiltrate through Bangladesh border as the Indo-Pakistan border is locked. If someone calls it a coincidence then s/he is encouraged to tell why was Mamta certified by Anna who had never spoken a couple of words earlier to each other? Development and clear governance? So is the biggest chit-fund scam by TMC leaders! TMC-MC leaders were also exposed by Covert Wires to have organized a “Free Kashmir” program in 13/02/2011 in collaboration with CPI-ML in West Bengal’s second biggest city Asansol.
Like Anna and Kajri had nothing to do with Pakistan, Mamta whose state shares no border or whose affairs have no relation with Pakistan, was invited to Pakistan. Why? This is because the embassies are lovers-point for political agents. The strategies are decided in official visits and in embassies. If these politicians meet in the Pakistani embassy in India, they would stand naked before public who will question why are they meeting with Pakistanis to run the states of India? However, the strategic dialogs and planning are paramount in smoothly doing their ‘work’. So Pakistan invites them officially and gives them excuse to visit Pakistan. A RAW agent named Colonel RSN Singh exposed the intentions of such visit by Nitish Kumar to Pakistan in a summit organized by ‘India Behind The Lens’ media group. He indirectly pointed the outcome of the meeting, the shift of Indian Mujahideen to Bihar from UP. To add one more fact, the Kishanganj district of Bihar has been the biggest stronghold of the Bangladeshi infiltrators who are around 5-6 Crores in India as various stats suggest. What RSN Singh didn’t mention about the meeting is that special care was taken by the organizers to stop any team intending to take up the cause of justice for Rinkel Kumari, plight of Pakistani Hindus etc but Nitish met with Mohajir representatives who threw Hindu inhabitants of Sindh out of their homes in 1947. The major objective strategized in the meeting was how to sabotage the chances of Narendra Modi in general election 2014.
This electoral suggestion I have for Indians is that don’t look at how big celebrity is luring you, don’t fall in trap of high class certifications (one IITian isn’t a superman but just another among tens of thousands IITians passing every year), nevertheless look at whether ‘you’ and your nation are benefiting from their electoral charter. Don’t fall in the promises they make but judge the performance they displayed. Don’t get lured by Page-3 celebrities, they do everything for money, their choices switch on endorsement values, from cosmetics to snacks. And finally remember, Political Agents can be of any form, “Jinhe Desh ki Fiqar Hai” they don’t do their stuffs for whole year and suddenly appear for a month with a intentional TV show, they perform for one decade no matter media flatter them or not. Your vote, your brain. Good Luck!
The authoress is a Baloch analyst and human rights activist and by profession she is a cryptographer.


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