Friday, March 7, 2014

Arvind Kejriwal.

Sir, we speak here of Aam Aadmi Party primarily promoted by Shri. Arvind Kejriwal.
Sir, they entered public life and endeared the masses by exploiting our sentiment against the ongoing widescale corruption. We were also confident about these people because they originally promised to remain Politically Neutral and away from Electoral Politics.
But sir, we are not only disappointed but also alarmed now about this outfit, which has transformed itself from India Against Corruption to Team Anna to Aam Aadmi Party.
Never mind that they joined politics in spite of assuring masses at the beginning of their anti-corruption agitation, that they shall stay away from it. No harm in giving someone one chance. But what has come out of it is a very very dangerous prelude to what one would see if any kind of legitimate authority is placed in their hands.
We have a large number of complaints against this political party. To keep it brief & crisp, allow us to enumerate them here:
1. anti-Corruption stance is only a gimmick to attract innocent people and remain in public life. Till date, this group of people have done absolutely nothing against Corruption apart from simply accusing all & sundry in public life as corrupt. If any single person deserves Nation's appreciation for exposing ongoing Corruption in Indian Administration, it is the Office of CAG, especially under Shri. Vinod Rai. Aam Aadmi Party has neither worked on exposure of any single scam, nor shown faith in Indian Law Administering bodies to take these cases of corruption to their logical conclusion. As a matter of fact, they have cried hoarse against corruption only to instigate the people of India, giving them no solution, filling them with blinding anger, with an idea of only destroying the institutional set-up of our Country.
2. Refusal to Execute things as per set Procedure, complete Contempt for Laws, Rules, Guidelines & Procedures only to Ridicule the entire Government of India and Provoke & Demoralize People - Shri. Kejriwal is shown to be an intelligent man, who has, in the past, managed to pass not only IIT but also the prestigious IAS Exam and joined IRS. We refuse to believe, therefore, that a man of his calibre is unaware of Rules for Business Transaction, when in Govt. In the instance of attack on Ugandan Women, in the instance of introduction of Lokpal Bill and now in the instance of Observance of Model Code of Conduct which is in force as the Country goes into General Election mode, we find willful, ill-intentioned refusal from Mr. Kejriwal and his core group of Aam Aadmi Party membersto adhere to set procedure, observance & respect for Laws. Such people who intentionally & willfully refuse to observe & respect the Laws of our Country, only to agitate & provoke and demoralise less informed people of our Country do not deserve the great democratic platform of Indian Politics.
3. Repeated professing of Kashmiri Secessionism, Maoism, sympathy for Terrorists and such dangerous philosophical content - Sir, the Core Group of this Aam Aadmi Party has repeated and on many public occasions taken the liberty to profess the above mentioned ideas. They have done so after attaining considerable popularity amongst the masses using anti-Corruption Agenda. This makes the situation very dangerous. Combined with mass demoralization of people on the issue of Corruption and Governance, professing of seccesionism, Maoism, sympathy for Terrorists etc can actually lead India, unpredictably, into the situation that Egypt, Libya, Nigeria, Ghana, Syria, Thailand & Ukraine find themselves in today. Whether it is case of Afzal Guru or Batla House Encounter, you will find multiple such cases of undesirable leaning of this Core Group of Aam Aadmi Party.
4. Agitational Mindset - Sir, this country has proved itself to be truly great by giving Aam Aadmi Party, a Year old Political Outfit, a chance to Govern a State like Delhi. But we are not only disaapointed but also feel humiliated by the fact that even as the Chief Minister, even as the Ruling Party in Delhi, a State that is also the Seat of the Government of India, these People couldn't overcome their agitational mindset. So much so, that their agitational mindset disallowed them to Govern the State and set example for Good Governance. They repeatedly flouted norms and procedures and finally used that to Resign from the Government. This Party stands guilty of wasting an entire Assembly Election. They stand guilty of wasting over a year of Governance for people in Delhi. They stand guilty of shaming India internationally by setting a precedent for a sitting Govt going on Agitation in its own State, around the time of Republic Day of India.
5. Provoking people of India against its Public Institutions by repeatedly humiliting them - We have seen this habit in this Core Group of people who now form Aam Aadmi Party, since their beginning in April 2011, that they repeatedly provoke Indians against their Public Institutions. They are not only in the habit of professing hopelessness against the Executive, but also the Legislature & Judiciary. They make it a point to project a "lack of confidence" in the ability of our key institutions at every juncture, without ever giving them a meaningful chance to deliver. They raise untenable demands, blackmail institutions to meet their demands and when institutions express reservations, they smear them in public. So much so, that in spite of being a sitting Govt in Delhi, they humiliated Delhi Legislature, Delhi Police and, later, Delhi Lt. Governor. They showed disrespect towards the proud tradition of Republic Day Parade and ridiculed the Presidential Address given by you, on the eve of Republic Day.
Sir, we could go on and on. But the summary is, we don't see a desire to offer Good Governance to Indians, in this Aam Aadmi Party. On the contrary, we see a desire to destabilise legitimate, democratically chosen Governments in India, to agitate, provoke and demoralize India's Citizens against its Public Institutions, against its Demoratic set-up, by smearing institutions, by exaggerating the ills that plague our Politics.
We sincerely request you to not only disband and dissolve this Aam Aadmi Party, but also issue a strict gag order on them so that they cannot demoralize & provoke Indians and take us to the brink of Civil War. Please allow us Indians a chance to hold public discourse that focuses on Nation Building agenda rather than Nation Destroying, Demoralizing, Provocative wastage of time.
We keep hearing these allegations of Foreign Funding of Aam Aadmi Party or some of its key elements through Organizations such as Ford Foundation. This is very discomforting, sir. The recent violent streak displayed by them only because their leader was arrested on charges of violation of Model Code of Conduct, has worried us further.
So, in the end, sir, kindly take up this matter of Disbanding and Dissolution of Aam Aadmi Party and a Strict Gag Order on its constituents with the Election Commission of India.
With Warm Regards & Hopeful Eyes,

We, the concerned Citizens of India
Coutesy- Piyush kulshreshtha

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