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सावधान : केजरी और मीडिया कि करतूतें

On every street in every city, there's a nobody who dreams of being a somebody”. That tagline is not the introduction to ambitious, ladder-climbing college graduates. It’s the introduction to one of the most psychotic vigilantes ever put on film. We lately have some of these nobodies who want to be somebodies and they are going about it the vigilante way. Arvind Kejriwal, Somnath Bharti, Manish Sisodia, Ashish Khetan, Ashutosh, Sanjay Singh etc are men most people had not heard much about till about 2-3 years ago. A couple of them being in the media may be recognisable but weren’t top of the mind for anyone.

I’m a big fan of Martin Scorsese movies (He’s often called the greatest director for good reasons) and often refer to his movies in my posts. “As far back as I can remember I always wanted to be a gangster” is the opening introduction from his classic mafia true story “Goodfellas”. But the line is not just in the movie but it’s a line from Scorsese’s own life. As a youngster, Scorsese wanted to be a gangster or a priest. Fortunately for the world he became a film director. Sometime back MS explained thatpeople are fascinated by violence and lives of these gangsters. They don’t want to be gangsters but they love the lifestyle of these scumbags. MS handles the violent nature of humans in an astonishing manner and quite graphically. People are fascinated how the goondas move around in style, break all laws, instant revenge, and wear clothes to suit their crime and all that. Naturally, our media feeds and breeds violent behaviour and criminals. I’m not joking; a long time back I wrote the post “Media loves criminals, makes crime attractive” and there is abundant evidence media thrives on violence and criminal behaviour. AK and his gang know this quite well. Politically AK is no more as relevant as before the Delhi elections, which is why the frequency of violence, ruckus and verbal outrage has gone up. Gone also is the decency from his public conduct.

Let’s see the sequence of events since AK resigned as CM. He decides to protect the Congress scams by diverting attention and attack only Narendra Modi and the BJP. The Congress is now mentioned only as a casual reference. Never mind that. He rushes to Gujarat, creates ruckus, seeks to be arrested for his theatre. His gang creates more nonsense at toll booths and drive past without paying the charges at Gandhidham. His goons spread rumours of his arrest and violence follows in Delhi. Then he lands up in Mumbai and the Congress govt organises a special local train for him. His goons go on a rampage which is more theatre for media and his AAP goons like Prashant Bhushan blame the police. He lands up at Nagpur and makes bogus claims of Modi-media nexus and issues threats to media promising to send some to jail. Clearly, the idea is to trash those channels which have carried the reports about AK’s pimping withPunya Prasoon Bajpai of AajTak. Following this his goons call another presser tooccupy media and accuse Zee TV, TimesNow, and IndiaTV as “paid media”; a term that SM generally uses for most media outlets. Are the tactics clear?

Note that AK creates ruckus in Gujarat and then in Mumbai (the Sena HQ). Then he skips all other meetings in Maharashtra (a Congress state) and lands up in Nagpur. Why Nagpur? Well, doesn’t take Einstein to tell you it’s the RSS HQ and also Nitin Gadkari’s home town. So the erstwhile fake corruption-fighting superman has his action plan very clear: protect Sonia Gandhi and Congress scams from being discussed in the public domain by repeated ruckus in public places, violence by his party and outrageous statements thrown at the media almost every hour by him or any of his party members. Clever! It would take an extreme moron to even claim that any media channel has or is being friendly to Modi. Everyone knows that the media hangs on every utterance of Modi to rip him apart. Some folks like Barkha Dutt andRajdeep Sardesai have actually built their entire career abusing Modi and nothing has changed there. And who are some of AAP candidates for elections? The biggest Modi-haters like Ashutosh, Ashish Khetan, Shazia Ilmi and the like. Here’s a tweet from Anubha Bhonsle, a journalist from CNN-IBN:

Anubha speaks the absolute truth when she says journos themselves have taken away resources from what is in public interest and given more time to the thuggery of the likes of AK & Co. Some like Manisha Priya, frequent panellist on TimesNow, also says AK’s actions and utterances seem indicators for another Emergency. Maybe that is what AK and Congress want sensing they are likely to face a political thrashing although I would think that is far-fetched in this day and age. But not entirely impossible either. What Anubha doesn’t acknowledge is that her own boss at CNN-IBN has been an active participant in promoting this anarchy of AK. Both Rajdeep and Sagarika have actively encouraged AK to a point of no return. Let’s catch up on a video of Rajdeep’s speech at a media event where he claims credit for advising AK and Kiran Bedi to carry out a Tahrir Square-like agitation in Delhi. Video (2.30 mins, some subtitles added):

Wow! Rajdeep rightly inspires AK, a genius who understands media he says, to carry out a Tahrir like campaign. Err… do it in Delhi, not in Mumbai.  Nothing wrong, except for the fact that having made that grand inspirational suggestion to AK,Rajdeep wouldn’t want his own agitation-idea to fail. Why? He would naturally want and back AK to succeed in everything he undertakes because Rajdeep grandly claims the idea was his own. So even when the monster AK acted horrendously Rajdeep chose to gently defend him with devious tweets and excuses. It is natural that Rajdeep had to back “his idea” to succeed which explains both CNN-IBN’s and its sibling IBN’s extraordinary backing for AAP over the last many months, before and after the Delhi elections. AK was at interviews with Rajdeep at the drop of every topi. Not just Rajdeep but even Bajpai and Anjana Om Kashyap were pimping heavily for AK all through the last few months. Their videos are out in the public too. So, the “paid media” nonsense of AK and his goons is directed at those channels that criticise them. Timesnow has already been boycotted by AK and AAP and only a sorry excuse called Kamal Chenoy appears as an unofficial spokie for them. The sequence of violence or threats of violence backed with outrageous statements is not accidental as smooth Commie Yogendra Yadav proves:

Alright, so if Modi becomes PM India will burn he says. Question is who is going to do the burning part? My answer is clearly the AAP goons. The danger is that the violence that Yogi promises may not happen after Modi becomes PM but before and during the nine phases of elections. The AAP members have Naxal sympathisers and the Naxals too have taken a strong liking to the party. Some of the members of AAP are underground or overt Naxals. Therefore, Yogi’s warning is a clear threat of violence that is being scheduled or being planned by the AAP thugs. The media loves this. The media loves that AK and AAP bring so much violence, ruckus and outrageous nonsense to the public domain and to the streets. It’s not unique to India, it’s a universal phenomenon. “Natural Born Killers” is an Oliver Stone movie from 1994. It’s a story of a young couple who simply go around the country killing people because they love it and there’s the media chasing them making them heroes. The couple even have fans who want to be killed by them. Let’s watch a quick video (1.17 mins):

The media delights in violent crimes. Their reporters will go any length to gain TRPs from violent incidents and mob behaviour. In the movie above a media crook even goes to the extent of covering the young killers’ escape from jail LIVE. Such is media’s fascination with violence and street thuggery. The movie is fictional but don’t dismiss it as not being relevant to real life. Here’s what a report about “Natural Born Killers” says:

Is it any surprise that right from the beginning Rajdeep and his ilk wanted to make AK and his goons cult heroes? Rajdeep and Barkha may scream and tweet “we are independent” but that won’t wash anymore. The people know their lust for theatre, drama and excessive love for the theatre of AK and will condone anything he does with more coverage because it not only gets them TRPs but AK also happens to be constantly ranting against Modi which suits their political agenda too. Expect more violent events from AK and AAP. It is not going to stop. It will not stop as long as media excessively covers him and if in the unlikely event of media blacking out his violence, expect even greater violence of gigantic proportions. Why? The answer lies here:

That’s the agenda of CPI (ML) which has a great appeal for Naxals and Maoists. Their agenda is to overthrow the State by violence. Many AAP members and supporters subscribe to this agenda. This is no fairy tale. Extreme events of violence invariably start the way AAP has progressed and that too with the support of many educated celebrities. These celebrities are bimbos who cannot think deeply. It is not that they have to support Modi or Congress but I have to consider them dunderheads if they think AAP is their answer to anything except destruction. In the pic above there is a mention of one Sandeep Pandey. In case you don’t know, he is the one who lobbied for AK’s Magsaysay award and that should tell you all about the connections of AAP and violent anti-India Naxals.  

Arvind Kejriwal is no ignoramus. He is a psycho who is progressing exactly as arranged. He is hurtling towards his finale as I mentioned in “Reincarnation of AK”. There will be more violence. There were bomb blasts at Modi’s Patna rally in October 2013. There was a Naxal attack in Chattisgarh a few days back killing some 18 CRPF jawans. Expect more. If at all there is an incident which kills. There have been loud protests in the media over his latest threats to media but it is also being used by the likes of Rajdeep and Barkha to grandly claim they are being targeted by all parties so they are “independent”. Don’t buy that BS. There are still folks in the media who will back AK to the hilt and possibly even the death of Modi in some violent act. The Congress too has mildly protested the latest outrage by AK but secretly they would be rejoicing AK is creating daily ruckus to divert from real issues in this election. 

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