Friday, June 18, 2010

Eleven days !

In 2003, I was doing my internship and i had to travel 12 km daily to reach hospital. I used to go by Vikram-auto [common in Lucknow] in rs five and ten minutes. My hard luck always moved ahead of me and there was indefinite strike by auto drivers . It was a trouble for many of us but i was in serious trouble, waiting at the stop, looking for Rickshaw and bargaining with Rickshaw puller as their rates went irrationally high due to strike.The time to reach hospital and return home increased five folds. The situation was annoying but i had no other option.

At that time I was posted in Pediatrics under Dr. V P Singh. All my mind was focused about standing at Hazratganj square and looking for Rickshaw in the scorching heat of May month.

Around quarter to two, Dr. Hiten [ My fellow Intern ] came in our room, he greeted Dr. Singh, kept his Helmet aside and sat silently as if he was waiting for someone. Senior doctor Singh and I was unable to understand for whom he has come and what he is up to.

Around 1400 hours, when the time was over and Dr. Singh left for his home, I also headed to the gate, cursing the auto-tempo strike. Dr. Hiten softly asked me to follow him . I followed him to the Bike stand. He started his Bike and asked me to sit. I was hesitant, the fear was evident on my face. We were at a very formal terms with each other. He guessed my fear and reluctance . In his graceful voice he said, "Divya , i will pick you and drop you to home till the strike is called off and you don't have to stand in sun , looking for conveyance.". I was speechless and obeyed his command in a mechanical way.

Next morning, when i came out of my house, he was there to pick me up. After a formal exchange of greetings , we were again on road, with hardly any exchange between us.

From hospital to home and home to hospital,it was the most beautiful routine of my life. Along with me, my senior doctor Singh also kept wondering that who is he, what is the relation between two of us and how particular he is in coming to Dr Singh's room and sitting there silently till the clock tells two.

The strike was called off after eleven days and the beautiful routine was broken. But next month we were posted together in Dermatology under Dr.K P Pathak. From eight till two in the noon it was a great experience being with him. He used to discuss diseases and topics and follow up cases with great expertise. I was mesmerized by his knowledge and intellect. He motivated me to purchase Kinetic Honda or a scooty for myself . I paid heed to his advice and purchased 'Sensation scooter' of LML.

On my first day to hospital with my scooter, i was scared of entering the hospital gate , as the area near gate was in a bad shape and a new driver like me was very likely to trip and fall. But to my utter surprise Dr. Hiten was waiting there and saved me from the embarrassment of falling at entrance. Since then it was again a routine for him to park my scooter in the stand in mornings and take it out for me in the noon daily.

He completed his internship and left after five months. I continued for another seven months.

After four years i received an invitation card of his marriage, which i did not attend due to my own busy schedule.

I still wonder who was he? A friend? or an angel in disguise?


ethereal_infinia said...

Dearest ZEAL:

A Beautiful Walk down memory lane.

Often, in life, we encounter such experiences which leave us wondering long after the event is cast into the annals of past.

Even today morning, as you were writing about it, I know you have seen the chair he was patiently seated on as he waited for you. You have heard the engine music of his bike. You have felt your heart race as you neared the gate for the first time on LML.

When memories are dear to the heart, they stay alive forever.

Take it as a Signal Of Fate. His appearance, assistance and accompaniment were God's deeds to convey to you that you being His Chosen One shall never be alone whenever there is strife.

Someone, somewhere will always be there - a magical presence in one way, a divine [Divya] alleviation if looked more cosmically.

The person never intimidated you, nor forced you. Neither did he compel you, nor did he imposed himself upon you. He did the act out of benevolence and admiration for you.

You have narrated the episode very bautifully, dearest ZEAL, even I can visualise the event.

Your post has taken me also down memory lane wondering who it was that saved the papers when I was almost missing the train. Reading your blog, the images of that came alive in me too. Zmiles.

Another Signal Of Fate.

We have heard of 7 Heavens.

Today, we read of 11 Days.

Arth kaa
Nat-mastak, charan sparsh

ZEAL said...

Arth ji,

Thanks for the beautiful comment. Your comment enhanced the beauty of the post and nostalgia in me.


डॉ टी एस दराल said...

Oh Divya, so you are a doctor.Why dont you write it in your name?
Anyway , it seems that Dr Hiten was really interested in you . But probably he could not express . And you did not reciprocate .
Life goes on like this only .
Time does not wait for anyone .
Nice remembrance .

ZEAL said...

Dr. Daral,

Yes, life goes on thus and leaves sweet memories in our hearts.

Himanshu Mohan said...

आपको बधाई, पंकज का आभार कि उनकी पोस्ट के कारण मुझे यह ब्लॉग पता चला।
मुझे लगता है कि देवनागरी/हिन्दी प्रतिबन्धित तो नहीं होगी यहाँ!

ZEAL said...

Himanshu ji,

I love freedom, I give freedom !

There is no restrictions on my blog.

All the regional languages, National language, International languages are welcome here.

Devnagri , is my first choice.


ashish said...

its nice to see that you are out from your shell. i personally feel dat language is not barrier for expressions and sharing our views. correct views are primary where as language is secondary always. but yes its true that even me too want you to read in hindi someday. you have all the qualitiy of a balanced and good blogger. pls keep on going with good work.

कडुवासच said...

...लगता है अब अंग्रेजी सीखना ही पडेगा!!!!

निशांत मिश्र - Nishant Mishra said...

Oh! I didn't know you became an 'active' blogger.

I'll be reading all the old posts when I reach Delhi.

zealzen... a beautiful name it is. and reminds me of hindizen:)

Satish Saxena said...

बहुत अच्छा प्रसंग और अनुभव ! डॉ अरविन्द मिश्र से सहमत हुआ कि दिव्या में बांधे रखने की शक्ति है ! अधिकतर इस प्रकार की लम्बी आपबीती पढने की सामर्थ्य कम है मुझमें , मगर अंत तक उत्सुकता बनी रही कि कौन किसे पहले आमंत्रण देगा ! मगर दोनों एक जैसे ही निकले !
खैर स्नेहिल दोस्ती की मधुर यादें अधिक महत्वपूर्ण हैं न कि जीवनभर साथ रहने के !आपका मित्र वास्तव में बहुत अच्छे दिल का इंसान है ! बेहतरीन शैली और आत्मविश्वास के लिए बधाई !

एक बेहद साधारण पाठक said...

सबसे पहले तो एक्टिव ब्लॉगिंग स्टार्ट करने के लिए बधाई हो आपको

एक बात तो माननी पड़ेगी ....आपकी भाषा में एक सहजता और सरलता है.... जो सचमुच पाठक को बांधे रखती है

आपकी यादों के सुनहरे रास्तों पर ...आपके शब्दों के अति आराम दायक मानसिक वाहन में.... इतनी सजीव यात्रा करते हुए.. ऐसा लगा की सच में आपको स्कूटर चलाते देख लिया हो

इस अदभुद यात्रा के लिए धन्यवाद

rashmi ravija said...

Its so nice to hv such beautiful memories which u can sit back n enjoy and can relish each n every moment...

These scattered memories only make life interesting and worth living..Am sure u mst hv loads of plss.keep sharing with us..:)

छत्तीसगढ़ पोस्ट said...

first time i came in your blog...its really very beutyfull...congrats...a lot...

ZEAL said...

Thanks to all of you for being with me in cherishing the sweet memories.

Smart Indian said...

सुन्दर अनुभव बांटने का शुक्रिया. जभी तो यह दुनिया बची हुई है.

Pankaj Upadhyay (पंकज उपाध्याय) said...

I will not spoil anything by my comment instead would love to dive into the ocean of emotions created by you... oh! I am swimming ;)

प्रवीण पाण्डेय said...

इस तरह की निश्छल स्मृतियाँ कम ही होती हैं अतः मूर्धन्य विद्वानों ने इसके लिये शब्दकोष का पन्ना व्यर्थ नहीं किया । आपको अनुभव है इसका, आप शब्द ढालिये ।

डा० अमर कुमार said...
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ZEAL said...

A candid confession !
yeah, you are right .